In the beginning
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Meet Lydia Ferguson

Pure Comfort Weight Loss & Gobal Wellness
Founder & CEO 

"I may have a very beautiful house, but I don’t take the house with me. Yet everywhere I go I take this body which is the house that I live in. So it is very important that we feel good about this body and that we take care of it so that it can move us around for the duration of our lives.”

Pure Comfort Global Wellness Solutions is a weight loss and wellness company, designed to help overweight people lose weight and develop healthy lifestyles. The company is the brainchild of Lydia Ferguson, the visionary who brought Weight Watchers to The Bahamas and, helped thousands through her passion for healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss, for over 32 years.

“When WW (formerly Weight Watchers International) stopped offering renewal for their Franchise license globally, “I could not abandon the Bahamian community,” Lydia explains. “So, my research and planning resulted in Pure Comfort - a company that is built upon industry standards of health and wellness, while providing an uncompromising level of support that can help members achieve their weight loss goals.”

On a deeper level, Lydia says, “I have always been very sensitive and, more or less an advocate for weight loss, because I grew up as an overweight child and saw how being overweight affected me as well as my family members.  My mother was very obese as well as my father and grandmother. They all ended up being diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. Eventually, they all died from complications associated with hypertension and diabetes.”

Recalling the tremendous struggles of her mother, who lamented the great discomfort and reduced self-esteem she experienced from carrying so much weight around, Lydia knew the best life that anyone could live would be that of a Pure Comfort style of living during their lifetime. 

“There is such a great level of discomfort when you are overweight,” she explains. “Although my profession is that of a Barrister-at-Law, I have become a strong advocate for weight management and wellness. I have found that when a person is able to see positive changes, that makes a big difference.  My mother lost 50 pounds and she became a totally different woman from the one that I knew. When she lost weight, she stepped with confidence and assurance.  When she presented herself to the world, she paid attention to her body and it made me realize that without healthy bodies, we suffer from the effects which include a negative body image and a negative self-image.”

This close observation of her mother’s weight loss journey fueled Lydia’s passion to help - not only herself, but - others with their weight loss challenges. In 1984, after being called to the Bar in Gray’s Inns of Court in London, she returned home and started her first weight loss group in a North Andros High School classroom. She moved to Nassau in 1985, was called to the Bahamas Bar in 1987, and secured employment at the Attorney General’s office shortly thereafter. She then started a weight loss group at Xavier’s Lower School

The last straw that broke the camel’s back, and made the situation unbearable was when she attended Court in a maternity dress nine months after the birth of her second child, when she was not pregnant.   Soon her weight loss research efforts - that began from age 15 - led her to be the voice of one of the most effective weight loss strategies and programs in The Bahamas.

“I found out that, for me personally, there is some level of discomfort and concern while performing my daily tasks; moreover, my level of confidence is not the same when I feel overweight,” Lydia explains. “I feel every human being deserves to go through life with assurance and inner peace of mind. And, it all starts with how we see ourselves, as we are the custodians responsible for the only real physical possession that we have in life and, which we take with us wherever we go.  I may have a very beautiful house, but I don’t take the house with me. Yet everywhere I go, I take this body, which is the house that I live in.  So, it is very important that we feel good about this body and that we take care of it, so that it can move us around safely and efficiently for the duration of our lives.”

Pure Comfort starts with a shift in your mindset, the right selection of food, meaningful daily exercise and, experienced group and individual support at its core. “I want people to realize that chasing diets is like chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; you will never find it. Pure Comfort is not just about people losing weight, but helping people make lifestyle choices to lose weight, and maintain their weight loss while achieving optimum wellness. It is about being fit, finding their purpose and what is truly comfortable for them, and being at peace with their food choices.

If we pay attention, our body talks to us. When we feel bloated, lethargic, or gain weight, these are all indicators from the body that something needs to be done. When we do what needs to be done, we see and feel the difference.”

As the Founder and Visionary of Pure Comfort Global Wellness Solutions, Lydia does not claim to be a health expert or a nutritionist. However, it is evident that she is as educator who empowers people with knowledge to take charge of their lifestyle by making healthy choices that give their body a sense of purity and comfort.

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