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Sunrise Program - "Achieving A New You"
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Meet Ardis

Lydia help me loose a lot of weight with Weight Watchers. And after Weight Watchers closed it doors, I was happy to join and be a part of “Pure Comfort”. Transitioning from counting points to counting calories with the program, I was able to lose over 35lbs, and track everything with the new mobile app.

 35 lbs.!

Pure Comfort gives me the determination to lose the weight and keep it off!
- Ardis Ford.
Life Member

Meet Tremaine

I really enjoy being a part of the Pure Comfort program, and I think what make it the most enjoyable is the people. I really like the members; I think they are wonderful people, and they just give me a boost of energy every time I see them. 

 36 lbs.

(... to date)
With the encouragement from others ... I gained more and more motivation to do even better that what I initially came to do.
- Tremaine Allen.

Meet Melissa

My Weight Watchers now Pure Comfort quest began for me on October 6,2018. The Leader, Ms. Ferguson, was very excited, energetic and enthusiastic. She made me and the other guests feel at home. My beginning weight was 267.20. Within 2yrs I lost 75 lbs.

 75+ lbs.!

(... to date)
The weight loss journey isn't hard, once you are willing to change your mindset towards food.
- Melissa Bonaby.

Meet Clara

After regaining my weight, I decided to turn to Pure Comfort Weight Loss Solutions, a program that I felt confident that would help me be successful in my weight loss. This program is well organized and meets our individual needs. The continuous support from the leader, who has an open door policy as it relates to discussions and feedback about the program, is commendable.

 40 lbs.!

(... to date)
I love the confidentially. And I can utilize the Pure Comfort mobile app to make food selections from anywhere in the world.
- Clara Newbold.
2021 Sunrise Program
"Achieving A New You"
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